Beachlife Floors is a family owned deck restoration business servicing local families on the Gold Coast since 2009.

Timber Deck Restoration services

Deck Restoration

Some of the reasons you may need a deck restoration:

  • Existing deck coatings have failed and need to be refinished
  • Cupping, bowing, warping and splitting of the decking boards
  • Timber deck is being extended or has had some boards replaced that need to be blended in with existing decking.
  • Timber deck has acquired mould, dirt and grit which have worked their way deep into the substrate of the timber and now the deck is  is nearly impossible to clean
  • Timber deck was coated with the wrong deck coating product

Deck Sanding

Beachlife Floors have been sanding decks on the Gold Coast since 2009 so we have many solid years of experience. We also own the best deck sanding equipment on the market.
Let us sand your deck and advise you on what to do after it is sanded.

Reasons to get your deck sanded:

  • Comfort & Safety
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Long term deck protection

Deck Maintenance

Ongoing deck maintenance is the key to keeping your deck in great condition.

Remember that not all deck coatings require the same amount of ongoing maintenance, which makes it another important factor to take into consideration when making your original coating selections.

Beachlife floors offers a schedule with reminders to customers when their decks are due to be recoated.

Deck Protection

Deck protection refers to choosing the right deck coating whether it is deck staining , deck oilingdeck finishing or deck varnishing – call it what you will the goal is the same, to protect your timber decking, to make it look great and give it a long life.

Protecting your deck is vital, so selecting the right coating for your needs is essential.

Our years of experience will help us guide you through your choice of deck protection finish.

Silver Grey Deck

Beach Grey Merbau Decking

Find out more about how to achieve the much sought after silver grey deck “look” which is the on-trend fashion in timber decks on the Gold Coast in the 2020s.

To achieve a long-lasting Silver Grey deck we use a deeply penetrating timber preservative rather than a traditional stain, oil or varnish.

A properly applied timber preservative requires less maintenance and feels really nice underfoot.

Grey goes with any colour and we have found that  a silver-grey look deck especially suits Gold Coast beach-themed houses and waterfront houses.

What is the difference between traditional coating and timber preservative?

CUTEK® offers a novel approach to protecting wood from the damaging effects of moisture, diverging from the traditional barrier method.

Unlike conventional coatings, CUTEK® does not form a hard, film-like barrier on the wood’s surface. Instead, it functions by penetrating deep into the wood, providing protection from the inside out.

As a true penetrating oil, CUTEK® diffuses throughout the wood, remaining permanently mobile within its structure. Its unique mechanism actively displaces both liquid and gas-phase moisture, offering a dynamic form of protection that adapts to the wood’s natural moisture content variations.

Deck Cleaning

Once the deck restoration process is complete, regular deck cleaning will:

  • Keep your deck looking great
  • Make the coating last much longer
  • Look better when it is recoated

Remember that dirt and grime on the deck increases wear as it is abrasive under foot and will scratch away at the surface.

Cleaning your deck is an important part of protecting your investment into the future

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Steve sanded down & oiled my decks in the most professional way. He renewed some boards. His knowledge of timber is of a very high standard.
The price was reasonable.
Overall I’m very satisfied with the quality of work.


Google Review Oct 2023

Steve and his Team, from Beach Life Floors not only performed an outstanding Deck Sanding Job – around our pool, outside deck & undercover deck, but also assisted us on selecting the best products, tool to the painting job, all, with the best prices! Steve’s the Best!


Google Review 2020

Steve does great work with a great eye for detail. My deck has come alive.
Steve went out of his way to meet my crazy deadline.

A real professional.


Google Review 2021

The job Steve did on my front and rear decks is absolutely fantastic. They counter sunk all of the nails and bought the timber back to a finish better than when it was originally laid. We couldn’t be happy with the service, very reasonably priced and exceptional quality of work.


Google Review 2021